Sovled an issue for Fossasia.

Hello Guys! Today I solved an issue for fossasia during Google Code-In. I separated CSS code from HTML files and organized them in a suitable form of FOSSASIA Summit 2012 site. If you like check these out: Fossasia 2012: Github repository (Fossasia 2012): Fossasia: Google Code-In:


Tested – Susi AI Android app

Hello guys! Today I'm gonna share about my personal opinion on Susi AI Android app. First of all, Let me introduce Susi. I guess you can figure out something about it by just looking at it's name. Susi AI. If you know about "AI" then congratulations or else Why am I here? ...To tell you [...]

My Experience with Fossasia

Participating in Google Code-In was my one of the best decisions I've ever made. Although I didn't knew before joining that I will learn this much here. I am a developer but mainly worked on projects alone. The motive to join GCI was to get to know how it works in real world and what [...]