What I learned after participating in Google Code-In?


Hi! I’m Adarsh. I’m 16, student and a developer. I have pretty good knowledge of Web Languages and some in C++. After all I am a full tech geek. Science always fascinated me and still doesn’t let me lose my interests in it. I also like travelling, music and playing.

I have done some projects of myself, but I wanted to see how they do it in real scenario, how many people work together to complete a project. I googled it and get to know about open source softwares, github, sourceforge and many other similar things. Then I decided to work with these communities and started to find how?

Then I get to know about Google Code-In, it was one week before the Code-In was starting. I decided to not leave this opportunity. After registering, there was a lot of confusion about selecting an organisation to work with. It selected Fossasia ( It was the best option for me because I knew most of the things that was in it’s requirement list. )

Now, I can’t tell you how much I am learning from here, not only from mentors and from students also. Working with different people you don’t know is a completely different experience. All of them are very helpful and there are no more words coming in my mind which can really say what I mean. But I wanna say, this is the one of the most awesome event happened to me.

You can comment here to for any question..

Also I am available on Twitter or just mail me.

And yeah, don’t forget to checkout Fossasia and GCI (if you are interested).


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