My Experience with Fossasia


Participating in Google Code-In was my one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although I didn’t knew before joining that I will learn this much here. I am a developer but mainly worked on projects alone. The motive to join GCI was to get to know how it works in real world and what will happen when I expose myself in these areas.

After registering for GCI, I was very confused to choose an organisation to work with. And after some Googling, I selected Fossasia ( which is a good choice, now I can say that ). After doing some tasks and learning how things work when many people work together on a project, only one thing came in my mind, “Awesome”; No really, “Awe…..soommmeeeeeee!” ( Try to say it yourself, a little loud and that’s the feeling. )


Here, everybody is helping others, not only mentors but students are also helping other students. After getting familiar with these things, I also helped others for what I could. The most important thing which I learned here is not about programming , it’s about helping other people of your community and why only yours but also of other communities. After all we all contribute here and put our efforts to complete projects. If other do better than us, it doesn’t mean we lose. Actually we win, because that person is working on the same thing on which I am and his victory is mine too.

During this contest, my personal favourite task from those I’ve completed till now is one where I had to create a background for the game FlappySVG. I enjoyed this task most. I usually did coding projects most of the time, even for creating UI. But here, I had to work with graphics which I never did before this one. I had to put my curiosity and make something new, after working for a long time and learning how to work with graphic softwares, I created a background which was not so good in comparision with others ( but I liked it very much, after all it was my first graphic creation ).


I am enjoying very much here that I don’t want the GCI to end, so that we can work here together. But even after the GCI ends, I will not leave this community and will try to contribute as much as I could.


Check out these links:


Google Code-In:


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